Our Process

At Blake Surfacings we specialise in the trowel on technique - this is our core business.  

This application technique involves mixing and binning the epoxy resin with different grades of industrial sands to create texture, volume and strength.  This is also called epoxy floor screed.

The main benefit of a trowel on finish is a finished floor with a 5mm thick epoxy resin application that is extremely hard wearing and much harder than finished concrete.  Other benefits include the ability to form the product to suit the environment, thicker coatings if required by specifications, prefills and angular falls used to direct pooling water towards drains.

Roll on epoxy coatings are an alternative to a trowel on application. Epoxy roll on work is often utilised when a quick solution is needed.  Typically a roll on coating requires half the time of a trowel on application.  Epoxy resins are mixed together and rolled onto the floor in a dense liquid form covering the floor with an extremely heavy duty compound.

Roll on coatings have less resistance to wear and tear, not having the density or volume of an epoxy trowel on solution, so it is only recommended for low impact areas where caustic chemicals are not present.

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